Hello world?  Really, WordPress?  (For the uninitiated, WP makes your first post Hello world! automatically.  No, thank you.)

Well, I was going to do an “About Me” post, but that seems to have been taken care of by that silly About Me section.

The stir-crazy has set in as I’m currently staying at my in-laws house with my husband while our bathrooms are finally being renovated after 2 years of mold & mysterious stains on the walls.  The contractor neglected to tell us until the day he started work that it would be recommended that someone in my “delicate condition” (read: my poor pregnant self) sleep elsewhere. Thus, I’m currently sharing a full-sized bed with the hubby and my expanded belly in my sister-in-law’s old room.

I haven’t really documented much about my pregnancy other than the Tumblr that I created to track the baby’s stats – http://www.tumblr.com/blog/babychewbacca – and I feel that maybe I would be a bad future mother for not writing about this special time… if special means gassy, craving bologna that I’m not allowed to eat, and having my stomach pop out at 8 weeks (which was 6 weeks ago). In all seriousness, this whole thing is very strange to me, and, at the very least, should make for some interesting blog fodder. Maybe?


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