Blah, blah, more whining

As you can imagine, things are starting to get pretty hectic.  I went for my fancy 3-D ultrasound a little over a week ago.

Not included is the giant, glowing wang shot... NO doubt that he's a boy!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many good images because, as the sonographer decided (despite my hospital ultrasound 4 days prior stating otherwise), my fluid levels were low.  Keep in mind, I’d been drinking close to a gallon of water a day per the hospital’s orders to the point my pregnant stomach was distended.  However, baby likes to smash his face right against the side of my uterus (something I could have told you without his help), which made things look a little precarious for him.

I brought this information to my OB on Tuesday, which, when added to a 14 pound weight gain in 2 weeks out of nowhere (most likely due to my newly found cankles), a 33 week/6 day fundus measuring at 35 weeks, and the breech positioning, now has me going in for my measuring ultrasound this Friday.  MOST fun part is that, if the baby is still breech, she’s going to go ahead (at 36 weeks) and set me up for a scheduled c-section (not take him early, but will schedule it then).  Then on the day of the c-section, she’ll do an ultrasound and, if he’s in vertex position, they will induce me then before he has a chance to flip.  GAH GAH GAH – I don’t WANT anything scheduled.  I would rather have an emergency c-section than a scheduled induction.  I want him to stay inside as long as possible to make sure it’s really his time to come out before we drag him kicking & screaming.

In a desperate attempt to get this baby to flip (and, also, because my back pain has gotten ridiculously out of control as of late), I’ve started going to the chiropractor again.  According to my chart, I hadn’t been there in over a year, and I recall exactly why I was there – I was actually in the midst of a pregnancy scare and thought that I would try an adjustment to get AF to show (or some other nice euphemism for a period).  Didn’t work, but holding the progesterone prescription (not even getting it filled!) did back then.  Anyways, I’ve made a couple of visits to the chiropractor, which, at the very least, cured me of my waddle.  Literally, my entire gait changed the first adjustment.  The doctor is also doing something called the “Webster Technique” to encourage room for the baby to turn.  It basically involves an adjustment on the pelvis (something I needed anyways) along with a light massage on one of my round ligaments.  We’ll see come Friday if this has had any effect at all.

So, in the midst of all of this, I need to find time to finish cleaning/organizing the house, pack my hospital bag, and finally get some of the laundry that is all around the house put away.  Oh, and my mom is throwing me and the hubby a baby shower on Saturday.  Hopefully we will have a better show than my bridal shower (5 people aside from my mother, grandmother, and my mom’s friend).  At least there will be boys at this party… (I don’t get along with girls very well).  I will have to watch out for the hubby, though, since the last co-ed baby shower we attended was also the last time he got completely plastered.  There won’t be any scotch at this one, though, so I think we are safe.


2 comments on “Blah, blah, more whining

  1. Jenn3128 says:

    It’s reading things like this that make me very happy to be done with the whole prego thing. Not fun.

    I’ll be at your shower in my mind. I am such a sucker for baby shower games.

  2. fancybob says:

    Haha, thanks! From what I hear, there won’t be many games – my mom, she’s not the biggest party planner in the world. The food has been a bigger concern than the entertainment… lol

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