Taking off the boxing gloves, psychologically-speaking

So, after mentally psyching myself up for a fight with my OB about low intervention and monitoring the baby to see if/when he turns, blah blah blah, guess who still has a breech baby but no c-section scheduled… yet!

I’m getting one more week to get the baby on board with the whole “if you would just put your head down, you would probably be a lot more comfortable”-thing.  I’m still going to the chiropractor, and I think I can actually identify what position the baby is in at this point most of the time (I helped my doctor find the baby’s head this morning for the ultrasound even).  However, she is not forcing me to get induced if I show up on c-section day and the baby has flipped.  I feel a lot better knowing that my, er, his deadline is no longer at 36 weeks and is now up until 39 and a half (or whenever we’re scheduling the slice and dice) and that I don’t have to worry about an induction right now.

Rest is going less restful than it probably should be.  Saturday was my baby shower, and it was the most exhausted I’ve ever been after sitting for most of the time.  We got some nice swag and shouldn’t have TOO much more to get before this baby shows up.  We also had plenty of people show up, so we didn’t look like complete losers. It was  just the way we like a party – low-key and not too traditional.  I am still trying to eat all the leftover cupcakes from the cake… getting nice and buzzed on some artificial food coloring… yum.

Otherwise, trying to stay (get?) positive.  Supposedly, that can help everything relax and help the baby get into position.  That means no more talk about grounding a fetus and maybe using a nice tone of voice to relax him when he gets into awkward positions rather than grumble.  I have thank you cards to work on from the shower, and I’m trying to use this time to actually rest up so that I can maybe recover from some of this exhaustion that I’ve dealt with the past few weeks.  Perhaps I will actually be able to get stuff done when I get back to work.

Tips for increasing amniotic fluid levels or flipping breech babies while on semi-bed rest are welcome!


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