Where I’ve been…

Well, it’s been a while, guys.  Don’t even know where to start, but I better make it fast since Dylan just woke up from his nap (A real nap! An hour and 40 minutes! Maybe I should have taken a shower instead…)

Dylan is 10 months old now and much more toddler than baby.  He is highly social and HUGE!  That six-pound little dumpling I gave birth to is now over 22 pounds (estimated – he was 21.5 at his 9-month checkup).  He is “talking” like crazy and already says “up” and “dada” (well, he was saying “up” at 5 months, but prefers babababa and some noises that I can’t really replicate on a keyboard much more now).  He smiles all the time and flirts with strangers.  Daddy is the funniest person in the world, but if Mommy “exceeds maximum distance” (I feel like I’m writing a research paper with all of these quotes), it is very sad.  He started out strong with solid food, but is still a boob man and we are trying to work on introducing more foods to him as he has taken a step back.  Not crawling yet, but rolls and reaches like nobody’s business and is starting to cruise alongside his crib and pack ‘n play (and anything else within reach.. couch backs, strollers, etc.).  He will also do “monkey face” on command, which is him sticking out his lower lip and sometimes his tongue.

As for me, I guess the big news is that I quit my job back in November to stay home full-time.  For those that read all of my previous posts on the matter, you will know that I am feeling so blessed to be able to do this.  We are surviving off of student loans (If hubby was working and not in school, we wouldn’t be able to do this).  There were a lot of reasons why I left, namely that I was LOSING money going to work, and that was before the daycare bills!  Add on the exhaustion from both of us with prepping bottles and carting the baby around between daycare and my mother-in-law, hubby was really struggling with school, which was a much bigger investment than my paltry salary.  Not to mention, my bosses were less than supportive of my new role as mother, especially when it came to pumping at work.  It was to the point that I was not allowed to attend meetings because I was “spending too much time away from my desk” in order to accommodate my pumping schedule of 3 times per day in order to produce enough milk (most days) to send off with my son.  And this came from the boss that was pro-breastfeeding!  Now, my work performance hadn’t suffered at all, keep in mind.  I was just unsupervised for those times when I was locked up in a dressing room attaching suction cups to my boobs.  A real party if you ask me.  Now, I was already job hunting, but nothing was really coming to fruition.  There was one job that I was in the process of applying for when I gave my 2-weeks notice, but we decided as a family that the house was in such shambles and the baby was on such a non-schedule that he had stopped sleeping through the night that I really needed to be at home for a while to take care of things (plus, we were also talking about moving when hubby graduates, so it would be pointless to take a job only to need to leave shortly thereafter).

So, now I’m a stay-at-home mom (a title I never imagined for myself – it still doesn’t feel real) trying to get the house and baby back in order.  Despite working for 3 months, I was still able to keep up exclusive breastfeeding (plus solid foods now) and cloth diapering, so now I get to be the hippy-dippy, baby-wearing, organic food shopping, co-sleeping (only in emergencies!) mom that I never thought I would want to be.

Crap, I need a not-cheesy way to end this post, but the baby is screaming from the pack ‘n play to be retrieved.  Tootles!


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